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Latest Car Leasing Offers
    smart Forfour Hatchback
    1.0 Passion 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • VAUXHALL ADAM 1.2i Energised 3dr
    Vauxhall Adam Hatchback Special Eds
    1.2i Energised 3dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • SUZUKI SWIFT 1.0 Boosterjet SZ-T 5dr
    Suzuki Swift Hatchback
    1.0 Boosterjet SZ-T 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • FIAT 500 1.2 Lounge 3dr
    Fiat 500 Hatchback
    1.2 Lounge 3dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • SKODA FABIA 1.0 MPI 75 Colour Edition 5dr
    Skoda Fabia Hatchback Special Editions
    1.0 MPI 75 Colour Edition 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • CITROEN C3 1.2 PureTech 82 Flair 5dr
    Citroen C3 Hatchback
    1.2 PureTech 82 Flair 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • VAUXHALL CORSA 1.4 SRi Nav 5dr
    Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback
    1.4 SRi Nav 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • RENAULT CAPTUR 0.9 TCE 90 GT Line 5dr
    Renault Captur Hatchback
    0.9 TCE 90 GT Line 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • PEUGEOT 2008 1.2 PureTech Allure 5dr [Start Stop]
    Peugeot 2008 Estate
    1.2 PureTech Allure 5dr [Start Stop]
    + VAT
    per month
  • CITROEN C3 AIRCROSS 1.2 PureTech Feel 5dr
    Citroen C3 Aircross Hatchback
    1.2 PureTech Feel 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • VAUXHALL CROSSLAND X 1.2 Elite Nav 5dr
    Vauxhall Crossland X Hatchback
    1.2 Elite Nav 5dr
    + VAT
    per month
  • RENAULT CLIO 1.5 dCi 90 GT Line 5dr
    Renault Clio Diesel Hatchback
    1.5 dCi 90 GT Line 5dr
    + VAT
    per month

Car Leasing for Business or Personal Use

Using our filters above we do make the process of car leasing simple. Quickly find a business or personal car leasing offers to suit you by filtering by budget or type, after which you will see a list of suitable cars. Providing car leasing deals in essex and the rest of the UK since 1998, we always work hard to find you the best car leasing offers. Whatever your taste, or your budget, we will have the perfect car for you. If you require help at any time, need advice on our personal lease deals, or would like to order directly with one of our account managers, call us on 01992 248 248 or contact us via the 'Quick Callback' button on the right of the page.

Our Car Leasing Order Process

So how does it work? What's the order process?

Our car leasing order process is really straightforward and is as follows:

1. Choose your car

2. Establish a credit line

3. Place your order with Plan Car Leasing

4. We place your order with the dealer 

5. A direct debit form and contracts will then be issued and signed

6. Delivery of your car 

As you can see from above, the process for finding your very own personal lease car is very simple.

So let's get started and find you a car!

The first thing you'll want to do is either search through our whole range of lease cars (for example, if you are only looking for a Mercedes lease) or search through the best car leasing offers we have available. We're getting great new car lease deals all the time so make sure you take a look through and save yourself some money. We have the option to search for either personal lease deals or business leasing deals.

If you have a good idea of the make of car you'd like (for example, an A-class Mercedes lease), you can either use our refined search to the left or simply select the make from the left menu. If you require help at any stage of the process, please do not hesitate to contact us, one of our account managers will be happy to help you, search the best car leasing offers, or answer any questions you may have about car leasing for personal use: 01992 248 248 or contact us via the 'Quick Callback' button on the right of the page.

After you've decided on a car, you can then decide on the spec, lease time alng with any maintenance options. You can easily do this online through the cars page by selecting 'Proceed to Order' or call us and we'll be happy to configure your car and place the order for you. If you have any questions on lead times for any car, please call us.

Once your order has been placed we'll proceed to send you the documents required to lease a car, then send them out for you to sign. When we receive them back your car will then be ordered and the next stage will be receiving your brand new car!

At the end of the lease term your car will be returned to the finance company, and as long as there is no damage other than wear and tear, your lease will end and you'll be free to lease another vehicle. 

We get lots of repeat customers at Plan, so when the time comes - usually 3 months before the lease ends - give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find the best car leasing offers

Personal Car Leasing Deals

Personal car leasing also referred to as Personal Contract Hire - is for anyone looking to lease a car in their own name on the finance agreement and not through a business. The order process for our personal lease deals is virtually the same as business leasing but you will be credit checked against yourself and not a company. The right personal lease deal can work out much cheaper than buying a car, and it also means you get to upgrade (or change) your car at the end of the lease agreement, which means not having to go through the process of selling your car every time you want a new one!

Business Car Leasing Deals

We deal with all areas of car leasing, whether it's personal, short term, or business leasing deals, and have helped hundreds of businesses with their fleets and company car leasing needs since 1998. We've always got great business leasing deals available, and any type of business can take advantage of these - including sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

Why use Plan for your Car Leasing? 

Plan have been providing genuine bespoke vehicle funding solutions to British motorists since 1998. Offering car leasing deals in essex, our Company values that have helped us to establish a solid customer base and a great brand reputation are the root of our success…. Honesty, Integrity, Great Customer Service and Competitive Pricing. An individual acquiring one vehicle from Plan can expect the same level of service as a fleet customer purchasing 1000 vehicles. Our experienced team of sales consultants provide expert advice, they are backed up with solid network of suppliers built up over many years of trading. We work in direct partnership with most of industries leading funding suppliers and vehicles manufacturers, meaning Plan is are able to create exclusive car and van leasing offers. Each customer received a taylor made solutions that fits their individual needs at highly competitive rates,  emphasized and backed up by our ‘Price Match Guarantee’. We will do everything in our ability to save you money on your next personal car lease, without compromising on service.

Is Car Leasing right for you?

Finding the right personal lease deal can be a very cost efficient route into driving a new or nearly new car for most individuals. In very simple terms, personal car leasing contracts are an arrangement between you and a leasing business (being Plan or one of its associated suppliers), which clearly defines the fixed cost of using a car for a predetermined period and mileage allowance. Personal car leasing is a particularly suitable option for motorists who like to drive new cars, covered by a manufacturers warranty and who like to change their car every 2, 3 or 4 years. Purchasing cars outright and changing your vehicle every year or so isn’t particularly cost effective because of the impact caused by depreciation in the value of the car. The upfront payment required to instigate a car leasing agreement is also usually much cheaper than the deposit required to buy a new car using a traditional finance method such as HP.

Why do Plan or its associated suppliers take the risk on residual value? In simple terms – that’s our business… the service we supply is to take that risk away from the driver/customer! 

The lease company purchase the car/van for a discounted price (usually less than an individual can), the lease company then predicts the future value based on your term and mileage, the customer driver then pays the difference that will include a profit for the lease company, subject to them selling the vehicle for the amount they have predicted in 1 to 4 years time (their risk).  Every car/van has a residual value, that value is difficult for even the experts to predict. Future values can vary due to desirability, market conditions, changes in demand for certain types/makes/models has a huge impact and variation in maintenance costs can also impact. Each lease company takes a different view on the future values of every make & model – this is what creates a competitive market place in our industry.

How can we find you the Best Car Leasing Offers Online?

Plan’s job is finding out who has the best residual value set against the car you want to drive/lease because they will offer you the lowest rental payment. Plan being completely impartial and independent are in the best position to research this on your behalf – you give us the information on the type of car you want, how long you want it for, how many miles you want to drive it per year and we find the best car leasing offers for you. We then use our relationship with the vehicle manufacturer and our economy of scale to buy the car you want at the best price possible and that will lower your monthly payment amount. Plan also have access to exclusive special offers, these are created because Plan or our associates have purchased a batch of cars direct from a manufacturer at a discounted rate, the discount achieved means less depreciation, thus lower rental payments for the customers/driver. 

Who maintains your lease car?

Car Lease companies can also take the risk on maintenance costs and will offer the customer/driver the benefit of fixed cost/budgeted maintenance plans, the plans will cover the driver for all servicing and maintenance needs within the fixed monthly payment amount - this is usually an optional extra, quotable at point of order. 


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