New stricter speeding penalties introduced in England and Wales

New stricter speeding penalties

Driving at 51mph in a 30mph zone will result in a fine equivalent to ’10 days of pay’

As of 24 April 2017, drivers caught speeding in England and Wales will face tougher punishments and heftier fines, as the government looks to crackdown on speeding motorists and reduce road accident fatalities.

Any driver caught travelling well over the limit, will be hit with an unenviable fine which could even leave some people struggling to pay that month’s household bills.

The new rules were introduced by the Sentencing Council and will see drivers fined 150 per cent of their weekly income if caught doing 41mph or more in a 20mph limit zone, 51mph or more in 30mph zone, or over 101mph on the motorway.

Fines are capped at £2,500 for motorway offences and £1,000 for all other roads.

The previous rules saw speeders fined 100 per cent of their weekly income and this percentage still applies for ‘Band B’ offences, while ‘Band A’ offenders will be fined 50 per cent of their weekly income. It is ‘Band C’ offenders who will suffer the most from the new legislation.

See the following table for a complete overview of the new rules:

Speed Limit (MPH) Actual Speed (MPH) Actual Speed (MPH) Actual Speed (MPH)
20 41 (+) 31 – 40 21-30
30 51 (+) 41-50 31-40
40 66 (+) 56-65 41-55
50 76 (+) 66-75 51-65
60 91 (+) 81-90 61-80
70 101 (+) 91-100 71-90
BAND Band C – 150% of weekly income Band B – 100% of weekly income Band A – 50% of weekly income
Points/disqualification 6 points OR 7 – 56 days disqualification


4-6 points OR  7 – 28 days disqualification


3 points

The AA is just one of the road safety groups to have welcomed the changes, with president Edmund King commenting: “Responsible drivers will welcome the changes coming into force today… It is only those who deliberately drive dangerously who will end up in court.”

In a recent survey carried out by consumer website Honest John, up to 84 per cent of the motorists who took part claimed to have no knowledge of the new speeding penalties, so we at thought it important our customers were made aware of such a significant change to the rules of the road.

In 2015, a total of 244 people were killed on British roads as a direct result of speeding vehicles. The new tougher penalties will hopefully contribute to slashing this figure and saving lives.