‘Naughty’ car 67′ registrations banned by the DVLA ahead of the new plates

Naughty 67' registrations | Plan Your Car

It’s September, which means the new ‘67′ registrations plate comes into circulation in the UK, however some number and letter combinations won’t be seeing the light of day as they are banned from being used by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) as they could be deemed as offensive for political, racial or religious reasons, or too rude for public consumption.

Twice a year, the DVLA, who are based in Swansea, sit down and work out the combinations that could be deemed as inappropriate for use on new vehicles and each time they manage to come up with a surprisingly large amount of registrations that could be classed as rude or offensive and the ’67’ reg is no exception.

According to the DVLA, they’ve had to ban around 300 new ‘naughty/rude’ ┬ánumber plate combinations before the new ’67’ registrations hit the streets so as to avoid causing offence to anyone.

Any number plates ending in BNP, ARS or DAM have been withheld, as well as those which are specific to the year.

New ’67’ registrations

A few of the 300 or so registrations that won’t be released when the new ’67s’ take to the road are NO67 END, NO67 FUN, DO67 GER, BA67 ARD, MU67 DER and OR67 ASM.

DVLA admit that some ‘naughty’ number plates do manage to slip through the net occasionally and in June this year they were alerted to the registration plate ‘JH11 HAD’ which was seen on a car in Newport, South Wales.

If a number plate is deemed as rude or offensive and brought to the DVLA’s attention, they do have the right to take the registration plate off the owner and remove it from use, even those splashing out on a private number plate can have their chosen letter/number combination withdrawn if the DVLA thinks it’s unsuitable for use.

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